Golf Clubs in Bloemfontein

Golf officially began in Bloemfontein when Dr CH Bidwell placed an advert in the local newspaper “The Friend” which simply read “It is the purpose to form a golfing club in Bloemfontein for which purpose a meeting for those interested in the game and desirous of joining the club will be held in the council chambers at 6 o’clock on Saturday afternoon next, 3rd February 1894. Golf in Bloemfontein has grown over the past 115 years and the parklands layout which was originally designed by Bob Grimsdell at the present location near to the Bloemfontein Airport and has since been upgraded and redesigned by Matchovich and Hayes.

Bloemfontein Golf Club

Bloemfontein Golf Club in Bloemfontein

BGC is a member based club and we are proud to host many corporate days of the leading companies in Bloemfontein. We are proud to have hosted an exhibition match between Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player in 1966 as well as the South African Open Championship in 1958 and 1963.
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Schoeman Park Golf Club

Schoeman Park Golf Club in Bloemfontein

Golf has been played in Bloemfontein  for a lot longer than some might realise, and long before the post-World War I golf boom took place, there was a fanatical group of golfing diehards playing their beloved game in the Free State’s capital city.
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