Rampant fire devastates Bfn recycling company

An investigation will be launched to determine the actual cause of the devastating fire that severely damaged the production section of a local recycling company in Bloemfontein, yesterday (04/09). The fire engulfed the building of the recycling company situated in Mannion Road in Oranjesig.

Fire brigades of the Mangaung Metro Municipality battled for hours to extinguish raging flames which were fanned by strong winds. Ultimately, the team of fire fighters managed to control the flames that threatened to cross over into adjacent buildings.

Braam van Zyl, Mangaung Fire Chief, said while approximately 60% of the building was saved, the fire caused extensive damage to the production section of the recycling company. “The cause of the fire is unknown. Forensic investigations will be launched to try determine the cause of the fire,” said van Zyl. He confirmed that there were no fatalities due to the fire.

The affected company is believed to be Master Recyclers, whose management is yet to also quantify the cost of damages due to the fire.

The devastating fire was identified by thick smoke in the sky, hanging over parts of Bloemfontein (east). Members of the community who had gone to investigate the origin of the dark cloud of a smoke, watched on as the blaze engulfed the building. They watched from across the railway lines.

According to eyewitnesses, they noticed the fire at about 14:30. “We first saw smoke coming from the inside of the building. Then we alerted people who were inside about it,” said one of them. Recyclable material not yet processed, was saved.